Winter Verse

Winter Verse has been conceived in Berkeley California in the time of difficult living condition by the North California wildfire in the Paradise, California in 2018. Every year after the dry summer, we have had the California Wildfire problem, that threatened our health and environment issues, burnt down home and estates. Our little children were sent to safer region for the time being till the air clears up.

With air mask on, I stayed in the Berkley studio space start- ed to work “Winter Verse.” As if the Winter has come to our life, the Wildfire attacks us every year right after dry summer and Fall. Nearby cities blue sky covered with yellow-brown clouds of ashes, harmful to breath in many weeks, our productive life has been threatened, shrunk or sleep. We learn to struggle to get through this dangerous environment issues, pushing ourselves to be productive and safe under the circumstance. The yearning of the safety for our health and productive growth, keep us to strive through this hardship to make it better for tomorrow and next year. So, we could harvest more, bring more produce with security and peace.