With color thread including metallic silver one, I hand embroidered around the cut out holes from the mulberry paper, which resembles silhouette woman….
The embroidered paper is sponge bathed with transparent pigment multiple times till it gives the sense of certain time of the day, as if the filtered sun light coming through the rice paper window…. 31 panels of mulberry paper window drawings are hung for the installation on invisible walls and ceiling of the room that I created within the gallery space.

As a girl, I lived in a Hanok, a traditional Korean house. The windows were made of delicately designed wooden grid structures covered entirely with rice paper. ….Making holes through the window of my room was forbidden. But my curious mind always led me to make holes with a wet finger, to look outside and be scolded by an adult…This memory was recalled later in the US-- my art career was on hold while I stayed home to be a full-time homemaker, raising children in the suburbs. ….Although it was a rewarding and joyful experience, I also felt entrapment and isolation, seeing the world through the window.


January 2009