Winter Verse
Hand embroidered thread, mulberry paper & mixed media

35 x 23 in
40 x 28 x 2.5 in (framed)

“Winter Verse” was conceived during the 2018 wildfires in Paradise, CA.
I heard the Earth crying and could feel her pain, with air-mask on in my studio.
I cut and tore holes in mulberry paper and stitched around them with needle
and thread.

Our life was threatened by unhealthy air that transformed the sky from
blue to orange. White flakes of ash fell down like snowflakes. Our children were sent
away to safety. Our lives went on hold, as if dormant for winter. Now, every year, we expect wildfires
after summer, as one of the recurring seasons.

This year I am wearing two masks, the COVID-19 mask over the air- filter respirator,
yearning to breathe freely. Fresh healthy air isessential to live.
We need air to survive. If we cannot breathe, we shall become extinct.