Life Traces

Green Hammock
As I worked into the army supply store, saw familiar items of army uniforms, helmets, canteens, blankets, holding bed which recalled my memory of Korean War as a little girl. Mother’s scream who lost her child, order of decaying dead people, moan of wounded people lying on the street, thundering heavy shower of bomb shells. Hurrying running to shelter with fear. US Army women’s nurse uniforms from Vietnam war were brought to the studio, cut and sewn together saving marks on the uniforms, their identity tags, worn holes, stains, burnt and torn parts, missing buttons, to honor field nurse’s warmth of caring heart.

Female student graduate college with big dream, working hard to get a job, support oneself and cultivate their dream. Getting married, raising children, is also important task. After deliver the baby mothers hold professional goal, nurturing and caring family their life long.

Placenta in the work provides nutrient and oxygen to baby and mother’s professional dream removes waste product to help them grow healthy, till they are delivered to the world.

Her Hands
Doll hands are beautiful to play with. While her hands got busy raising children and domestic chores has has learned to stand on her own hands sprouts out one by one, becomes a growing living plant to blossoms.

Fruit Bag
Fruit bag is made for fruits that offers fresh nutrient. Once fruits were hanging on branches of the tree which trunk was warm and strong. Once fruits were hanging mother’s body, her trunk was warm and strong.

Pure soul, hold, wrinkled, stitched, spots, burnt marks, mended marks of my mother's socks, blue Autumn sky, red Earth kitchen floor, memory of life flown out from inner self with spontaneity, a nature’s way.