Rosememont College - Ke-Sook Lee
"She Waits in her Garden,"
Lawrence Hall Gallery, Rosemont College
Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday October 22, 2000
By Victoria Donohoe

Ke-Sook Lee's new work in her exhibit at Rosemont College strikes me as some of the most imaginatively conceived pieces of artistry seen hereabouts in a long time. It's not so easy to explain why. Just what makes artwork contemporary? Seemingly an impossible question to answer, but perhaps not pointless to ask.

These days, autobiographical art such as this Korean-born Kansas City painter does using humble everyday materials such as fabric, rice paper, garden clay, thread, pastel and graphite, is not governed by a fixed set of guidelines. It depends more on a process of continuous working and on the value of discovery.

Lee knows what she is about. She has reworked meaning in light of the discovery of important truths about women lives today, particularly in the domestic realm. That's what makes her a serious artist and her exhibit significant.